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YellOwStaR retires to take on the management role at PSG Esports

Fnatic has announced that League of Legends Bora star “YellOwStaR” Kim will retire and assume management role at Paris Esports Saint-Germain.

YellOwStaR holds a record 5 Champions League Series titles, competes in 7 LCS finals, and attends every single World Championship before this year in his competitive career spanning six years.

Supporters were also instrumental in helping Fnatic rebuild in 2015, after Paul “sOAZ” Boyer and Enrique “xPeke” co-stars Cedeno Martinez left to form Origen and took the Rookies lineup to the World Finals, including a perfect 18 -0 fixed season in summer.

Now, however, he will help build the Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends in his native France.

Although YellOwStaR will not play the role of a coach or manager, he will assume responsibility for scouting players and installing teams and will remain at their Berlin home.

According to YellOwStaR, having a home in Berlin will allow the team to train against European elite LCS as they try to reach the LCS for the first time asked in 2017.

The esports PSG division will be managed by Webedia, which also happens to be the owner of the Esports French side of the Millennium. The team bought a spot from Team Huma Europe Challenger Series after Huma and owner Behdad Jafaarian were banned from the League of Legends competition by Riot Games following a series of contract issues with players.

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