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The Rule of Goal Line Technology

It was a tight decision: Chelsea was literally inches away from a goal.

Goal line technology is no news, but sometimes it can be a little less than compassionate.

Defending English Champions Chelsea is left with yet another loss this time against ever ambiguous West Ham United.

But they may have reason to fume. They were literally inches away from an equalizer with a Kurt Zouma header.

Though denied by Manuel Lanzini on the line, it was goal line technology that put the nail in the coffin and clearly disallowed the goal.

Goal line technology, or techline lentology according to colourful sports presenter Chris Kamara is no news to sports.

It made its debut back in 2013 in the Premiership, and the benefits was immense.

No more fans would be crying out for weeks, months, years and decades against disallowed goals. No more players could have the comfort to slump down and blame a near-goal as reason for their poor-form in games to come. Managers would have one reason less to be abusive towards referees.

The game essentially becomes fair, precise and indisputable. But it still lacks a human side to it, no? It can be argued that it is the drama that makes sports interesting.

Even an unbiased referee would probably have given Chelsea a goal. It was just so close.

Still, maybe the tech was not to be blamed in this situation. After all, Chelsea had one manager, one player and one assistant coach sent off. They almost seem to be a joke these days.

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