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Sky establishes UK’s first ever 24/7eSports channel

Sky UK is set to establish the United Kingdom’s first ever 24-hours eSports tv channel, Ginx eSports TV.

ITV is also expected to invest into Sky’s latest venture which will air major electronic sporting tournaments including Turner’s ELEAGUE. Both Sky and ITV will be claiming a minority stake in the business.

The channel, which will launch in the sports section of Sky’s electronic programme guide, will air tournaments playing the world’s biggest competitive gaming disciplines such as Counter Strike: Global OffensiveLeague of Legends and Dota 2.

In addition to livestreaming tournaments, Ginx will host original programming related to the industry. The channel will also have assisting partners in content creation, such as Riot, Activision and ESL.

Beyond the UK, Ginx will be distributed to an additional 23 million households. If successfully executed, it could be the largest eSports TV channel in the world with a reach totaling up to 37 million households.

The unprecedented explosive growth of competitive electronic sports that was once considered a niche event has now caught the attention from virtually everyone possessing the capital to invest into the industry.

Last year, streaming has breached records numbers that exceeded upwards of tens of millions people per event. And with an ever-growing number of sponsors and investors interested in setting up or buying existing teams, players could now enjoy salaries and win prize pots totaling up to million or dollars.

The UK is also set to host a number of eSports events this year. Among the tournaments to be held in the UK is FACE IT’s Championship Series set in Wembley this month. Ginx TV is airing the competition live from its new studio in King’s Cross, London.

As of the 23rd of June, 2016, Ginx will be available on channel 470 of Sky. This initiative can no doubt be a major step in pulling eSports into mainstream awareness, and a way to allay ongoing suspicions and misconceptions about this trending phenemonon.

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