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Qualified team formed MLG stage CS: GO main

Major League teams will compete in the North American list of competing electric Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been finalized and is ready to go in next month’s National Arena in Columbus.

Sixteen teams were invited, eight teams, Fnatic, EnVyUs, Astralis, Natus Vincere, Disturbance Clan, Ninja in Pajamas, Virtus.Pro and Luminosity games, directly received the event of invitation. They represent the best team in the world and automatically advance with them for their outstanding performance in the past few months.

Headquartered in North America, Splyce and Team Liquid, as well as European Esports G2, German Mousesports and the opening game passed it through the qualifying round earlier this week.

G2 Esports won the Flipsid3 tactical Group A victory, while the German Mousesports defeated HellRaisers and YP team in Group B to ensure their position. In addition, Splyce beats troubled gambling like gambling starts to beat the apostates to book their place.

In the Americas, Team Liquid took the finals of the three best qualifiers under HellRaisers. The final game against Cache and Dust Victory 2 helped Liquid to last 16-14 2-1.

Counter logic game, Cloud9 and Flipsid3 tactics are the last team in the Americas, making it penetrate the major. Flipside3 was the first batch to pass, because they defeated the Brazilian team Tianbao Storm, the anti-logic game won the Polish game, and Cloud9 won the Australian apostate although it was barely.

Since the list of teams was finalized, it is clear that everyone is enjoying this big event. Sorrow teams such as Splyce and the start are likely to make their group interesting audiences, while strong teams such as Liquid and G2 look, why they received an invitation to prove to everyone.

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