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Peacemaker’s missing sticker behind TyLoo’s absence in Boston Major

Both TyLoo gaming and Luis “Peacemaker” Tadeu released statements citing the absence of the player’s autographed sticker as the foremost reason for the team’s absence from the Boston Major.

Flash Gaming will be replacing TyLoo after the latter announced that they will not be attending their first-ever $1 million Major because Valve had included Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand’s player autograph sticker into the game instead of Peacemaker’s.

With subsequent negotiations in regards to compensation between TyLoo and Peacemaker failing, TyLoo ultimately decided to skip the Major.

On the organization’s side, TyLoo claimed that Peacemaker was “reluctant to attend” the Major unless he was given a portion of the organization’s sticker profits since BnTeT’s sticker was in the game instead of his.

BnTeT himself had been ruled ineligible as a player to attend the Boston Major because he was denied a visa for travel to the U.S. Peacemaker also claims that Valve accepted his player autograph sticker submission prior to the initial sticker release.

On the other hand, the player himself claimed he asked TyLoo to find a different stand-in because he has “no desire to compete as a player” and that “not having a [good] performance… would directly impact my image negatively”, while adding that the role left him giving up family time and losing practice time with Heroic, the team he’s contracted to.

Without Peacemaker, TyLoo asked ELEAGUE if they could use a stand-in but were rejected, as ELEAGUE’s maintained their stance against stand-ins at the major.

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