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Overwatch ranked play goes live for PC

Blizzard announced that Overwatch’s Compeitive Mode is now officially live on PC following a week of public tests, while console players will have to wait for another week.

There are noted differences from this than the one shown to users in beta, but it could very well be the only mode any player will use from now on. Additionally, only players who have reached level 25 are allowed in competitive mode, as Blizzard now rank players against their peers to ascertain the best in Overwatch.

Players will now play in competitive seasons that run for 3 months each, with brief breaks in between. Still, it is unclear as of yet what will happen to a user’s rank from one season to the next.

Rewards are unlocked for new sprays, animations, and even golden weapon models as recruits earn points they gain by climbing the rank ladder.

But before all that, recruits need to play 10 placement matches to earn a rank in the system. Matches won determines where the player’s skill ranks would start off.

Also, players earn a player icon and spray specific to that season when they complete their placement matches quota. Furthermore, if they are able to make it to the top 500 in their server, a special icon will be displayed under their hero portrait instead of ranked number.

Better still, if they are able to stay inside the 500 best, they will earn a season-specific animated spray.

On the other hand, sudden death mode was introduced as a tiebreaker; attackers have two minutes to win the game by capturing a single point, and their failure to do so allows defenders to win. However, the system is deemed unfair by most given that both sides are determined with a coin flip.

Jeff Kaplan has since replied to criticism that the system would remain for the first season before they address to the issue in the next.

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