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Microsoft to partner-up with PGA

Microsoft will strive to produce smarter content for everyone involved with the Golf tour.

Microsoft has developed a new way for fans, players, and broadcasters to engage with the PGA TOUR through a three-year partnership. 

The PGA TOUR accesses more than 1 billion households in 227 countries and territories in 30 languages worldwide.

All tournaments are non-profit and in 2014 the tours generated a record $140.5 million for local and national charitable organizations.

Through all their viewers and fans, the PGA TOUR’s objectives for their partnership with Microsoft are to help further the experience for the fans with more advanced and detailed statistics.

“The PGA TOUR is thrilled to enter into this relationship with Microsoft which, at its core, is designed to produce deeper, richer and more immersive content for our fans to consume across all of our platforms,” said Tom Wade, the PGA TOUR’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“We also look forward to partnering with such an iconic global company to continue to improve the presentation of our sport to our fans.”

The PGA TOUR will adopt Windows 10, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Office across its operations to make data analysis easier to interpret and provide fans with instant access to insight about players, courses, and conditions.

Microsoft plans to utilize 80,000-plus hours of PGA TOUR library footage to ensure their commitment to engaging media solutions to their fans, and has already partnered with Nascar, the NFL, and MLS in the United States.

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