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Kitman Lab Perpanjang Kontrak dengan Everton Fc

Kitsman Lab founder Stephen Smith and co-founder Iarfhlaith Kelly.

Founded in Dublin just over three years ago, today Kitman Labs’ system is used by sports organizations all over the world.

Everton Fc dari Liga Inggris just signed an extended agreement with the company, a US-Irish sports science software firm.

As part of the multi-year agreement, Silicon Valley-based Kitman Labs has installed its analytical ‘athlete management’ system at Everton’s Finch Farm training ground in Halewood, Liverpool.

Injury prevention is an element vital to the performance any professional sports club.

FC Business reported that Premier League injuries cost an average of £400k per player, a total of approximately £190m last season.

Everton FC is one of many teams around the world to sign up or extend their contract with Kitman in the past few years, including the latest addition of NBA team the Detroit Pistons.

Kitman Labs’ CEO and co-founder, Stephen Smith, commented: “The Barclays’ Premier League is one of the world’s ultra-elite sports organisations and Kitman Labs is honoured to be working alongside such a prestigious club in Everton.

“Everton’s continued use of the Kitman Labs system is a strong endorsement and we’re honored to be working with an organisation focused on the evolution of performance.“

He continued: “Football is in the midst of a science and technology revolution, and Kitman Labs is at the heart of it.”

Matt Connery, the Blues’ head of medical services, said: “We are delighted to extend our agreement with Kitman Labs.

“Leveraging data and making real time reports is very important for professional sports clubs and Kitman Labs has given us the strength to achieve this.”

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