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Ideas Britain teams up with Manchester City

Ideas Britain has launched a competition, supported by Manchester City FC, to find the next ‘Innovation in Sport.’

The national competition aims to uncover creative ideas that have the potential to forge real innovation in the world of sport and beyond. Entry is open for all young people across the UK who have an idea, no matter how ambitious or extraordinary the concept might be.

The competition is supported by Manchester City FC, Manchester City Council, youth sports charity StreetGames, and Creative England – a not-for-profit organisation that invests in and supports the creative industries.

Adam Shaw, founder and CEO of Ideas Britain, said: “Ideas Britain uses a technology, gaming mechanics and design that young people are familiar with. The app allows anyone with an idea to have a go in a fun and social way, irrespective of their background, and access lots of opportunities and a network of contacts.

“Ideas Britain represents the first time young people can, in an app, connect to people with the knowledge and reach to turn ideas into world-beaters. With Ideas Britain we believe we have levelled the ideas playing field in an age of super-connectivity.

“The brands and coaches we work with can instantly provide the kind of support, connections and work experience opportunities that are unattainable for your average youngster.

“We have seen people from all over the UK come together to share their inspiration and ideas in front of a packed house in Manchester Central Library. Everyone is now invited to submit ideas onto our app and we look forward to driving and supporting a new generation of UK entrepreneurs.”

Andrew Gilligan, head of research and insights at MCFC, said: “At Manchester City we are always looking for ways to introduce unique and innovative ideas across all aspects of the Club, as a result, we are delighted to be a part of this new initiative.

“Ideas Britain recognises the importance of opening the door to everyone to ensure that the best ideas get the attention they deserve. We share their passion for providing young people with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to not only have their ideas heard, but also put into action.”

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