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Hearthstone: G2 founding member Lifecoach retires for Gwent

Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy, a founding member of the Hearthstone branch of G2 Esports, has parted ways with the organization as he retires from the discipline in favour of a new one in Gwent.

Lifecoach departs from the team having won five major Hearthstone LAN titles, including the $250,000 Archon Team League championship.

However, the news was an expected one since Lifecoach himself had announced his intention to focus on other CCG’s besides Hearthstone, as well as his apparent discomfort with the way the Hearthstone meta was being developed.

This had been detailed in an entry of the player’s vlog, which listed RNG and a number of other negatives of the game.

There was also a revealing of his interest in GWENT, a card game in the Witcher franchise developed by CD Projekt Red, as the company gradually builds the gameplay complexity to a whole new level.

“I’m playing Gwent now, yeah?” Lifecoach said in the vlog. “And Gwent is a great game, the competitive scene is really being taken seriously and also the playing fun is above.”

“[CD Projekt Red] don’t say, ‘Hey, we simply try everything, so that even the last dude can understand everything from the game’, they say, ‘OK, our game is complex and competitive, but we also have something for you guys to begin the game.’”

According to G2, their parting of ways with Lifecoach was amicable.

“We parted ways on good terms due to foreseeable differences in our plan for the future. We thank Lifecoach for his time with us and wish him the best in Gwent. Hopefully our paths will cross again as Gwent emerges as an Esport.”

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