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G2 Esports routs North for ESL Pro League Season 5 title

G2 Esports showed some of their best performances this year to rout North by 3-1 and claim the ESL Pro League Season 5 title.

The French team had been very impressive en route to the finals, conceding only a single map — the third game in the best-of-five grand final series against North — in their entire playoff run.

However, their victory was hardly a breeze. In the opening bout with North at de_cache, it was their opponents who quickly lead 10-5 scoreline, and they had to stage a massive comeback by winning 11 rounds in the second half to close the map at 16-13, giving them a one-map lead in the best-of-five series.

With the winds in their sails, G2 Esports then completely overwhelmed North on Cobblestone. The Danes were only able to secure three rounds in the opening half and never looked really in the game, allowing G2 to cut the game short and put them out of their misery by 16-5 .

On the ropes at de_overpass with G2 on match point, North get off to an incredibly strong start, but despite their massive lead 13-2 first-half lead G2 Esports were able to bring the series to a 15-14 scoreline, until North grabbed the last round to avoid being eliminated in three straight maps.

Nonetheless, their narrow escape did not amount to much. On de_Inferno, G2 Esports quickly got off to an early lead. Sharp AWP play from Kenny “kennyS” Schrub quickly gave the French side advantages early on in multiple rounds, zooming to 13-2 before the break.

Although they conceded the second pistol round, the French side quickly won the last three rounds they needed to close out the map and the series to crown themselves victors of ESL Pro League Season 5 — their first premier level tournament championship for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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