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Execration joins in ESL One Genting lineup

Philippines team Execration will be the latest to join the teams participating in ESL One Genting 2017 after claiming the LAN finals spot on a clean but hard fought 3-0 victory over Mineski in the South East Asian qualifiers.

Execration, one of two directly invited SEA teams to the upcoming Boston Major, might have cleared any doubts regarding Valve’s decision to invite them through a substitute swap at the beginning of November.

Starting the ESL One Genting SEA qualifiers Grand Finals with an amazing first game where they made a comeback from mega creeps, Execration took the series lead at the end of an 85 minute game.

Both teams had powerful drafts that allowed them to go to the late game, with Mineski playing a dynamic combo of Phantom Lancer – Lifestealer. However, in the end, Execration take it over Mineski after Adam “343” Shah’s support Naga Siren gradually transitioned into the carry role.

Looking at how fast Mineski lost the next game, where Execration executed their push ShadowDemon – Luna – Dragon Knight strategy to perfection, it was clear say that the game one outcome could have shaken Mineski morale and confidence quite a bit.

The third and last game of the series was much more contested, even though commentators took note of Mineski’s apparent demoralized state.

Still, both teams traded kills with from the early skirmishes, but in the end it was Execration taking the advantage of their trades. They sealed the deal at the 35 minute mark.

With the win, Execration will be competing at the ESL ONE Genting event in Malaysia, held from 6th to 8th at Arena of Stars from January 2017.

Six out of the eight participating teams are now known, with the last two to be decided via Chinese qualifiers and a special Malayan qualifier round.

Currently, the confirmed ESL One Genting 2017 participants are:

  • Wings Gaming (direct invite)
  • Digital Chaos (direct invite)
  • Fnatic (direct invite)
  • Virtus Pro (EU qualifiers winners)
  • States NP (US qualifiers winners)
  • Execration (SEA qualifiers winners)
  • TBD (China qualifiers)
  • TBD (Malaysia qualifiers)

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