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ESL announces $1 million Intel Grand Slam Series

Intel has announced a maiden Grand Slam Series, with the first team to win four of ten select tournaments to be awarded the million-dollar bonus on top of tournament earnings.

Intel announced the new challaenge at E3, where CEO of Turtle Entertainment — the company that owns ESL — Craig Levine announced both the Grand Slam and the extension of Intel’s 15-year partnership with ESL.

The challenge to top-tier teams by Intel says that any team that comes out as victor on four of the ten DreamHack or ESL tournaments that have a $200,000+ prize pool first (and within a 12-month period), that team gets the honour of being the first Intel Grand Slam champions and take home a massive $1 million bonus.

In essence, the bonus is a humongous reward on top of the $800,000+ prize pool winnings that the Grand Slam team would have earned in those four tournaments required to take the title.

Additionally, if a team does indeed complete the challenge, their scores are wiped and the quest for four wins begins anew. But should a team that isn’t on their third tournament win blocks another team from completing their grand slam, the underdog takes home $100,000 and the race continues.

However, for players at the pro scene who would no doubt be keen to take on the challenge as soon as possible, they will still have to wait for a bit as so far only three tournaments have been identified as part of the Intel Grand Slam series at this time:

  • ESL One Cologne – July 7-9
  • DreamHack Masters Malmo – August 30 – September 3
  • ESL One New York – September 16-17

Intel will also become ESL’s official technology partner, supplying ESL’s gaming and production machines with Intel processors in a step to further enrichment of their business relationship.

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