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EA ventures into eSports, launches new division

Electronic Arts launched a new Competitive Gaming Division led by former Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore.

The main objective of the new division is to cultivate eSports opportunities for all games created by EA, most notably in their Battlefield and FIFA franchises.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that the division will create “competitive experiences with our games,” to nurture growth of the EA community and to develop live eSports events.

This venture was a calculated step as EA had already been encouraging their studios to work with genres that can fit eSports elements into gameplay.

“We’re already very engaged with our development teams around the world to make sure our games have got modes that lend themselves very well to competitive gaming, built-in from the get-go,” Peter Moore said.

“Not as something that’s put in as an add-on mode or a last-minute afterthought.”

Electronic Sports or “eSports” had been a major source of revenue around the world, bringing in an estimated $612 million in revenue and 134 million global viewers this year alone.

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