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Dota 2 Update Sparks Half-Life 3 Spekulasi

A hidden text file found in the most recent Dota 2 sparks rumours of ever-elusive gaming title. Once again.

It all began when the developer slipped a file innocently entitled “hl3.txt” to Dota 2 in an update late last week.

Hl3.txt and two other files spotted by the ever-watchful Steam Database appear to be new definition files (i.e. where all those helpful tooltips get stored) for Hammer, Valve’s level editor.

While the file name itself which could stand for the acronym of a too-keenly awaited video game, the contents is just as interesting.

While many of them are related to basic stuff like clearing out unused save data or setting the render mode, some closely resemble NPC behavior files from Half-Life 2 and its two epilogue episodes.

There’s also a bit that mentions a “Combine Pulse Ceiling Turret.” And another that mentions quest members that are “Neutral to Combine and [don’t] take damage.”

Well that settles it. Are there any other video game that has an organization called The Combine?

Now back to the real world: Half-Life 3 is not in the works, according to statements posted by John Patrick Lowrie, an actor who has worked on several Valve games.

He claimed in the comments of his own blog that Valve’s system of immersive design is at odds with what the industry is now doing, and for that reason, the project is still shelved.

One thing is for sure, whenever Valve does anything that could be linked to the number 3, the internet will flip out.

But would that stop you from hoping?

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