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Chinese Hearthstone players gets chance to win Ferrari again

Chinese Hearthstone players can once again look forward to winning a Ferrari, after a challenge set on them last year were extended into this year’s  Hearthstone circuit.

The event will be one of several international challenge events which headlines a circuit of more than 400 official LAN events. It is unknown at this time how an European side will be formed but ESL will be the likeliest to organize qualifiers as they did last year.

While the cash prize pool has also not been announced, it is clear that the only the eight best players from the Spring Super League (equivalent to regional championships in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Americas) will be forming the Chinese team for the event.

This unusual challenge was first set by NetEase CEO William Ding to produce the drive for a Chinese victory last March. It was an exclusive reward for the Chinese players while the Europeans would only be able to settle for a share of the $58,950 prize money.

Nonetheless, the Chinese team had failed to make it. It was an all-EU finals as Aleksandr “Kolento” Malsh defeated Apostolos “Hawkeye” Karaiskos. Ma “SleepyShaman” Mingyang and Wang “TiddlerCelestial” Xieyu were the best performing Chinese players, reaching the semi-finals.

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