MIT reveals 3D football images

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) developed a system to automatically convert 2-D footage of football matches to 3-D— using FIFA 13. The footage can then be played over any 3-D device, including all 3-D televisions, devices like the Oculus Rift, and as this technology automatically converts video to 3-D, you […]

Microsoft to partner-up with PGA

Microsoft will strive to produce smarter content for everyone involved with the Golf tour. Microsoft has developed a new way for fans, players, and broadcasters to engage with the PGA TOUR through a three-year partnership.  The PGA TOUR accesses more than 1 billion households in 227 countries and territories in 30 languages worldwide. All tournaments […]

Digital Chaos replaces Dota 2 roster with player Team Onyx

Digital Chaos has announced that departing Dota 2 their list will be replaced by Team Onyx players. The DigitalChaos Home Team will remain in Arizona, however. Their new lineup will be as follows: Mason “tukang” adalah Abed Azel “Abed” Yusop Kanishka “Bulba” Sosale Jimmy “setan” Ho Kim “dubu” Doo-young As the roster has already fulfilled […] 164 Sun Valley Road Spokane, WA 99201